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Welcome to, web site of
Dr. Necakovski Dental Practice

The Dr. Nechakovski Dental Practice was established in 1993 and for more than 25 years we work with the same goal in mind: giving our patients the best possible dental treatment, using state-of-the-art equipment, instruments and materials while applying world-class standards of care and therapy protocols.

The English version of our site at this moment has information about us and our practice: the services we offer, the location, working hours etc. You can also find some links to other Macedonian dental sites and a contact form.

About the practice:

The practice was established in 1993 by Dr.Kiril Nechakovski and thanks to his rich 30 years of experience and our continuous commitment to excellence, the practice has become the family dental practice for many patients. We strive to uphold the highest standards of quality, and offer a relaxed and caring atmosphere in the office.

If you have a comment or a question, feel free to write to us - we are always happy to receive feedback from our site and we will be glad to answer you. We hope you will have a good time browsing our site and we welcome you to visit us in our office for any possible dental need, or just for a check-up :)

News from the Practice:

01.01.2019 Happy New 2019! Dear friends, we wish you good health, peace and love in the New 2019!


20.09.2018 Dr.Aleksandar Nechakovski attended ESCD 15th Annual Meeting, Lisbon Portugal


09.03.2018 Dr.Aleksandar Nechakovski attended the biggest dental fair in the Netherlands - Dental Expo 2018 in Amsterdam.


19.09.2017 European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry: Dr. Aleksandar Nechakovski has been accepted as a professional memeber of the European Socienty of Cosmetic Dentistry. ESCD is an asociation of European dental professionals dedicated to the highest standards od Esthetic Dentistry.

ESCD member

06.09.2016 Training in Vienna: Dr. Aleksandar Nechakovski attended training at the International Center for Dental Education (ICDE) in Vienna, Austria with Ass.Prof. Marko Jakovac on the topic "Treatment Planning and Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics"

ICDE Vienna

01.06.2016 A new member of our team! We are happy to welcome Dr. Maja Stomnaroska to our team. We look forward to give our patients the best service with her help.

01.04.2016 A new member of our team! We would like to welcome Dr. Eva Anastasova to our team. She will be a valuable contribution in our work.

02.07.2014 Check-in at our Foursquare page, leave a comment and you will receive a gift! Click here for the QR code! - The offer is valid until 01.09.2014

24.09.2013 Have you recently visited our Facebook page? We publish the some of the latest news form the practice on our Facebook page so click here if you would like to see the posts and get in touch with us or just put a "LIKE" on something :)

08.09.2005 awarded "Site of the day"by the Vreme daily newspaper. In the article entitled „The Cyber-Dentists From Bitola“ in the issue nr.486 from 07.09.2005 the paper writes about our site, the practice and gives ideas how to improve the website....

20.07.2005 Dr. Aleksandar Necakovski took part in special trainig course in implantology in Rosbach , Germany. The training was organized by Schutz Dental Group and took part from the 14th to the17th of July. The main topic of the training was the Impla implant system and was attendend by 9 dentists from Macedonia.

11.05.2005: Dr. Tina Necakovska and Dr. Aleksandar Necakovski attended the Balkan Dental Congress in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.

26.01.2005: Dr. Aleksandar Necakovski was a guest on the "Healthy Lifestyle"(Zdrav Zivot) radio program on the National Radio Station - Makedonsko Radio Prva Programa. The program is aired live every Wednesday afternoon between 2pm and 3pm. Dr. Aleksandar Necakovski spoke on the contemporary dental procedures and preventive measures, answered questions from the listeners and gave oral hygiene recommendations.

A smiling girl with beautiful teeth 2004
Dr. Necakovski Dental Practice Ul. Ivan Milutinovik 54-1/1 Bitola, Macedonia Phone: 0038947-254528, 0038970-610-312 (mobile)